Charleston and Folly Beach anglers have plenty of action lately as fish provide plenty of action during our charters. From big redfish and sharks in deep waters to inshore flounder and trout we have had a variety of fish to target in all tides and weather. The influx of shrimp, menhaden and finger mullet have all predators looking for the opportunity to feed. We just have to be in the right place at the right time and we are all set.  I currently keep 6 rods rigged and ready to go on the boat. All my rods are at least 7 ft with all but the heaviest being med light action. For the heavy fish I have two rods with  #6 circle hooks, a 25 inch leader of 50 lb flourocarbon and 60 lb braided line connected by a barrel swivel. I use that for live lining big mullet or menhaden around the jetties for reds and sharks. You can quickly connect a egg sinker to that setup to get your to the bottom if you want to fish specific structure. I also have 2 rods rigged with 20 lb braid, 3/4 oz egg sinkers and a 20 inch 15 lb flourocarbon leader with a #2 circle hook. I use these to target flounder and smaller reds along rock piles and the jetties as well as grasslines. Finally I keep 2 rods rigged with 15 lb braid and a 30 inch 12 lb flourocarbon leader with a #2 circle hook. These rods are used to live line shrimp or mullet inshore. I can easily snap on a cork if I want to float a bait or snip off the hook to present a jig, jerk bait or other artificial lure. Remember to keep your cast net handy to gather the bait that you need. However it’s always a good idea to show up with some in the tank. Nothing is worse than being geared up to fish and having nothing to put on the hook. Keeping your options open and being able to adjust to current conditions is what will keep you busy this time of year. Stop by your local tackle shop to get everything you need before you go. If you have questions or want to book a trip feel free to contact me. Enjoy these pics of folks having some fun with me last week!

Captain Kevin Blair