Spring is coming! At least that’s what I keep telling myself as cool days and northerly winds continued to funnel through the lowcountry. But don’t let the weatherman fool you, I have already seen signs that things are about to change for the better quickly. I have been out on the water most days over the past weeks and have seen the influx of bait that precedes the spring feeding frenzy we all look forward to. Inshore fishing has been a bit tough as the coldest water of the year coincided with some big spring tides. We have had to move quickly to keep on the fish and though we had success for the most part numbers were lower than the previous weeks. Having said that I see a warming trend and slower tides over the next 10 days that will likely give these fish a chance to eat. I bet they are hungry and I will be out there to feed them. Why don’t you come along and put some in the boat with me? While you are thinking of that, take a look at some of our anglers most recent catches.