Come on out and join the fun! The fish are biting and more often than not there is a cool breeze to enjoy on the water. Bluefish, Redfish, Shark, Flounder and Trout have made up the bulk of our catches on our last few outings with fish sizes ranging from 10 inches up to almost 5 ft! Our guests who prefer to bottom fish have been scoring well on the sharks and Bluefish and the bonus is it’s as easy as dropping your bait to the bottom and waiting for the fish to bite. For the anglers who prefer to cast and chase the fish Trout, Flounder and Redfish are being caught near oyster beds and grasslines with popping corks and live shrimp or mud minnows. They have also been taken on DOA shrimp and the Z-Man Smoky Shad. The main thing we have found is that it pays to move with the tide until we find a group of fish. Once the bite slows down we get back on the motor and hunt them down again. Keep an eye out for birds working bait and bait being scattered by feeding fish and you will be on the right track. Send me an email or give me a call if I can book a trip for you or answer any questions. In the meantime take a look at some of this weeks happy anglers!