What a great time to be fishing in Charleston SC! The creeks and rivers are full of shrimp and minnows and the fish seem to be on a feeding frenzy all day long. We have been catching Redfish, Trout, Flounder, Shark, Bluefish, Ladyfish and everything else with fins this past week. We literally have had trouble keeping bait in the water as the hungry little fish compete with the larger game fish for an easy meal. One of the ways we solved this is by using artificial baits like gulp shrimp, DOA flatheads or Z-Man jerk shads. These easy to use baits can’t be devoured by our resident “bait stealers” and allow us to present a live looking bait to the larger fish we want to catch, man I love technology! We have also used topwater baits early in the day to produce some exciting action for anglers. And if live or cut bait is your style don’t worry I always have plenty on board to keep us fishing. Book a trip before summer gets away from you and don’t forget to look at some of our special rates!

Let’s go fishing!