Fishing has been good the past few weeks as many of our summer species continue to provide lots of action. Early morning charters have enjoyed a fantastic Top-water bite from Speckled Trout, Redfish and the occasional Ladyfish. Baits that imitate a large swimming mullet or struggling menhaden seem to draw the most strikes. Vary the retrieve until you get a strike then remember to keep the cadence within that range for more fish on the hooks. As the sun rises in the sky and the topwater baits produce less switch to Z-Man swimming baits or DOA shrimp. Larger baits have produced bigger fish for me the past few trips. Flounder are biting well on finger mullet, jigs rigged with paddle or curly tails and don’t forget shrimp and mud minnows. Fish those baits slowly around feeder creeks and places where flats meet grasslines or oyster beds.  Most of the time the your bait will suddenly feel heavy or will just be stopped dead in it’s tracks. Wait a few seconds and set the hook!

Sharks and Bull Reds have been taking on anglers in deeper channels, inlets and jetties. Live blue crab, big mullet and menhaden are producing big bites. We use #6 circle hooks on a carolina rig for these fish. The main line is 50 lb braid and the leader is usually 15 to 30 inches long depending on current and the bait we are using. 60 to 80 lb flourocarbon leader works best for me depending on the structure in the area we are fishing.  Make sure you weight your rig with enough lead to keep you on the bottom. I have found most rigs can be presented effectively with weight in the 4 to 10 oz range. If you have questions or want to book a trip give me a call at 843-696-4231.

Lets go fishing!

Captain Kevin Blair