Charleston charter fishing and Folly Beach fishing charters has been great as the fish are getting settled into a more predictable May pattern. Warm water and plenty of natural bait has all our finned favorites feeding on a regular basis. Deep Sea fishing charters have been staying 3 to 5 miles from shore to target big Bull Redfish, Black Drum, Spanish Mackerel and Sharks just to name a few. Inshore fishing charters have been taking advantage of the shallow water Speckled Trout, Redfish and Flounder action.

The early morning top-water bite has been fantastic. Put on a Zara Spook and target shallow water points, oyster beds and grass lines. You will know within a few casts if you are around Trout and Redfish. I typically draw the most strikes from sunrise plus 30-40 minutes. If you sense fish are there and they don’t want your top-water bait, try running a Z-Man paddler Z just under the surface on a Gamakatsu # 5 offset wide gap hook. If that doesn’t work or you prefer live bait nothing is more fun than casting a live shrimp or mullet on a free line into the strike zone. You can tell you are about to get hit when your bait starts to swim nervously or you see the wake of an approaching fish close in on your line.

The early incoming tide has produced nice flounder and redfish. Live Minnows and shrimp fished under corks always seem to do the trick this time of year. If you are looking for larger flounder, trout and reds try casting a live menhaden into creek mouths, grass and docks. I fish these on a 18 inch, 25 lb fluorocarbon leader with a #3 circle hook. Most of the time I use no weight however in water more than 3 feet I will use a split shot to keep the bait from swimming on the surface.

Sharks and Bull Reds are being found near deeper water and heavy structure. 50 lb braid with heavy 50-80 lb leader is a good start. I’ve been baiting up with live or cut Menhaden, lady fish, mullet and blue crab. Just put your rod in a rod holder and relax. You will know when it’s time to get up! If you need to gear up run to your local tackle shop and they will help you get what you need. If you want to get out and do some fishing in Charleston you can book your trip quickly and securely online right

Reef fishing for Redfish

Shark caught near the jetties on a deep sea fishing charter

Inshore fishing charter

Black Drum caught on an inshore fishing charter

Spanish Mackerel caught at the reef on a deep sea fishing charter


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