Charter fishing in Charleston and Folly Beach has begun to hit it’s spring groove as anglers boated Trout, Redfish and Flounder in numbers this week. Warming waters and sunshine had plenty of people out casting a line and in many cases it paid off well. My early morning charters boated fish at first light on topwater baits like the Zara Spook Jr, the Mirror Lure Top Dog and the Bomber Badonk-a-Donk. Believe me there is nothing more exciting than a big Trout or Redfish blowing up at your lure first thing in the morning. We sometimes had two fish going for the same lure at once! When the topwater bite slowed we worked the area with DOA shrimp twitched off the bottom or fished them under a popping cork. We also threw Z-Man scented Paddlerz  on 1/8 jig heads and scored fish on all baits. For those who prefer to throw traditional cut and live bait it’s hard to beat a minnow or shrimp on a split shot or popping cork near an oyster bed or current break. Depending on the size of the bait my anglers pair these with a #1 and #3 circle hooks, these hooks have really increased our success ratio and you will benefit from having a few packs in your tackle box. Most of all you can’t catch fish sitting at home so gear up at your favorite tackle shop and get out there. If you would like to arrange a trip contact me so I can get you out on the best tides available. Before you go have a look at some of this weeks happy anglers!