Charter Fishing in Charleston and Folly Beach! December is one of the best months for fishing for Redfish and Speckled Trout. These fish feed heavily in advance of our short winter, and now is the time to boat large numbers of quality fish.  We typically focus on fishing large schools that gather around shallow creeks and river bends, using live shrimp and minnows that are still abundant in our waters. For the angler that likes more of a skill based fishing charter we can target those fish with a variety of lures. We typically use soft plastic swim baits and crank baits. In my opinion nothing is more fun than feeling the fish attack your lure as you are working the bait past them. When you feel the fish inhale your bait a swift hook set will get you connected and ready to do battle!

On Calm days we will venture to our nearshore reefs to fish for Sheepshead and Weakfish. Both these species gather in large numbers to intercept bait fish as begin to head to deeper waters for our short winter.  We will also expect to see large Black Drum ranging from 10 to 30 lbs. at those reefs. When those tough fish inhale your bait you need to lean back and lift your rod back to turn their heads away from the rocks or you may lose them to the structure.

As always it’s best to book in advance online but feel free to text or call with questions or to book directly with us. Our weather cancellation policy is more liberal in the winter and late morning start times are more common. I would love to see you on deck this winter so let’s get you out there to enjoy some of the best fishing Charleston and Folly Beach has to offer!

Charleston inshore fishing

Folly Beach inshore fishing

Charleston inshore fishing

Folly Beach Inshore fishing