Jeff, his son Nathan and Father Bob came out for some Christmas Eve charter fishing in Folly Beach. This group of gentleman primarily fish for Bream, Bass and Crappie back in Missouri so they had some good angling experience and I was expecting a nice day on the water. We started early in search of Reds and had our first one on back in a creek. Nathan fought the fish for a few seconds but was shocked by the power of his first Red. The fish wrapped around some structure and cut the line. As we worked on getting Nathan back to fishing Jeff’s rod bent over as he fought his first Red. He reared back to keep the fish tight and clear of the oysters and worked his first Redfish into the net.
We left the creeks and had our next hookups on the flats. The fish were hugging oyster beds in a foot of water hiding out from the dolphins patrolling nearby. We worked the edges and Bob hooked up first with a nice Red. The fish ran off some drag but Bob kept his cool and the line tight. The fish made a break in the other direction and had Bob cranking the reel to catch up to him before he ran under the boat. As Bob gained control of the fish he led him into me for a safe landing.
Nathan was next up with a nice Red and he was ready for the fight this time. He kept the fishes head up and controlled the rod and reel perfectly until he was proudly holding up his first Red on the bow of the boat. From then on everyone had hookups and break offs and brought several more fish to the boat. The charter culminated with Bob landing a drag peeling 9 pound Red that wound up being the trophy of the day!