The fish have begun to settle into a more predictable Spring pattern over the past few weeks here in Charleston as warmer days slowly start to out number the cooler ones. Large schools of Redfish have begun to break up, some big Trout have been caught and Flounder, Sheepshead and even Sharks have been making brief appearances on the inshore scene. Water temps have been hovering in the high 50’s and it appears that we should see mid 60 degree water sometime soon. I have seen menhaden flipping, glass minnows and mullet in greater numbers. After these big tides settle out we should see a very strong consistent trend in feeding activity. We have some great tides for most of April. For the next few days we some big Spring tides. During these big tides timing is everything. Fish the extreme high and low for Redfish in the grass and flats. Fishing the mid tide around docks, grass lines and oyster beds for Trout, Flounder and Sheepshead. As always no matter what your favorite technique is if you are not getting bit within 15 minutes adjust your strategy and move on. Keep your baits in the water and I hope to see you out there soon!

Let’s go fishing!