Our Fishing charters in Charleston and Folly Beach have seen plenty of nice catches as Speckled Trout and Redfish please anglers looking for some winter fishing action. Our resident Redfish have gathered up in schools on and near the flats and can be seen cruising and sunning themselves at low tide. We have been boating those fish using soft plastic baits by Z-Man and a variety of cut or live bait depending on the circumstances and opportunities handed to us. In either case a stealthy approach has been the key to getting the fish to bite. Sometimes this involves hunting on the flats and placing ourselves within casting distance of the fish. Other times we find ourselves sitting tight as the fish move towards us. In any case it can be nerve wrenching event to see dozens of big Reds moving towards your bait. Keep your wits about you though because when one hits your line things will get chaotic real fast!

The Trout bite can be just the opposite. The presentation should be subtle when water temps get near 50 degrees. We have been drifting small soft plastic baits through deeper slow moving water to pick up these sometimes finicky eaters.  Minnows and shrimp presented the same way will also entice strikes. However you need to have a deft hand and a keen sense of touch to know when you have a bite. These fish are notorious for picking up your bait and spitting it out before you have a chance to react. But once it happens a few times everyone usually gets the hang of it and fish start dropping in the boat at a better pace. With more mild winter days here than cold ones we can expect good fishing most of the time. Get yourself a coat and a calendar and give me a call. I will get you out for some winter fishing that you should thoroughly enjoy!