Great fishing in Charleston this week as big sharks, bull redfish made consistent appearances around inlets, deep holes and bottom structure inshore and nearshore.  On two recent trips I had nearly 400 yards of line dragged off my reel with my drag tightened all the way down. Both bull reds and sharks have been eating whole blue crab, live and cut mullet, menhaden and cut ladyfish. I have been rigging them on 50 lb braided line with a fish finder rig, 4 to 8 oz sinker and a #7 circle hook on a 60 lb flourocarbon leader. I usually set the rod in a rod holder and wait until I see the rod double over before I grab it. After I do I brace myself for fishes first run. Then when I see the opportunity I tighten the drag just a little to get the fish to turn my way or at least slow down. From there it’s just a battle of wills and tackle. Keep an anchor buoy in your boat just in case you have to throw the line and run down a fish. A pair of gloves is a great thing to have on board to help you grip line, tackle and heavy fish as they come aboard. Revive the big reds before you release them and always be safe around sharks. They are fast and rarely tired for long.

Let’s go fishing!

Captain Kevin Blair