For anglers here in Folly Beach and Charleston the best fishing of the year is upon us, and it usually lasts until late December. Cooling water temperatures have triggered the fish to start moving into their fall feeding pattern. Big Redfish, Trout, Spanish Mackerel and an assortment of other game fish will feed heavily in anticipation of the leaner months ahead. We have been targeting big Bull Redfish when the conditions are right. That means we are fishing ledges, drop offs and current breaks everywhere from 12 to 50 ft of water. The baits of choice have been Mullet and Menhaden rigged Carolina style with at least a 5/0 hook. Plunk that down at the right spot and you won’t have to wait long for a bite. If you prefer lighter tackle fishing now is the time to enjoy a great trout bite. Minnows, shrimp or plastics worked along a weed line can draw aggressive strikes from Trout intending to put on some weight for the winter. Whatever you prefer now is the time to get out and do it. These folks are happy they did!