Charleston inshore charter fishing has been great as anglers of all ages are catching Flounder, Shark, Redfish, Trout and many other species.  Fish are being caught on live shrimp, minnows and blue crab, but don’t overlook the abundant menhaden as an option as well. Fish a live one under a cork or long line one into the current and hold on. My charters have boated large Trout, Shark and Flounder this week using this method. If artificials are more your style break out the DOA shrimp or C.A.L jerk bait and make some long casts away from the bank near the outside of the current in 8 to 12 feet of water. I have been rigging these baits on 10 lb braided line with a 20 lb flourocarbon leader. I use the 1/16 or 1/8 oz jig head on the C.A.L baits, this will make the bait drift, swim and fall in a natural manner. Try ripping and popping those baits off the bottom and letting them fall on a slack line.  Be ready for some aggressive strikes as predator fish race up under your lure to inhale your offering. Get down to you favorite tackle shop to gear up for your next trip out or get in touch with me to set up a charter.